Business Litigation

Business Litigation is the center of our universe at Cambridge LLP.  Our lawyers are recognized as some of the best Business and Commercial Litigators in Canada.  With our broad range of experience at all levels of Court and similar expertise in the world of Arbitration, your business interests are well protected by the Cambridge LLP team of expert litigators.

We employee the “team concept” to bring unparalleled value to our clients, whether the dispute is complex or relatively simple.  Above all we keep our focus on the outcome, not the procedure.  We continually strive for the best result with our clients’ interests at the core of our daily work.

Creditor's Rights Litigation
Contractual Disputes
Debt Recovery Litigation
Oppression Remedy Litigation
Anton Piller Orders
Mareva Injunctions
Shareholder Disputes
Partnership Disputes
Franchise Disputes
Real Estate Litigation
Intellectual Property Litigation
Construction Liens and Construction Litigation
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Representation
Class actions

Business Litigation Legal Team