Cross-Border Litigation

Globalization has fundamentally changed the scope and dynamics of international trade and business relations. Canada is a major player in world markets. Canada is a member of NAFTA, arguably the single most important trade agreement in the world. Our country has aggressively pursued and achieved several major trade agreements with countries around the world, most notably with the European Union and with several countries in Latin America. The watchword for our federal trade negotiators as well as Canadian businesses actively engaged in trade has been "diversification" and “expansion”. There is a growing acceptance that Canada's business community must continue to pursue and achieve a diverse stream of trade relationships and partners.


The result of this trend has been greatly enhanced trade in everything from natural resources and manufactured goods to services. The related consequence of this global commercial landscape is the necessity for legal expertise that addresses the unique challenges of cross-border transactions and disputes.


At Cambridge LLP our Cross-Border Litigation Group has a vast amount of experience with legal issues arising from cross-border business relationships. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and most effective solutions with respect to a full spectrum of international legal challenges.


      Enforcement of Foreign  Judgements/Arbitral Awards

      Debt Recovery Litigation

●      Shareholder Disputes

      Partnership Disputes

      Oppression Remedy Cases

      Anton Piller Orders

      Mareva Injunctions

●      Letters Rogatory/Letters of Request

●      Forum Non-Conveniens Motions

●      Jurisdictional Disputes

●      Anti-Suit Injunctions

      Franchise Disputes

      Franchise and Licensing

      International Arbitration

      Civil Fraud

      Asset Recovery and Tracing

      Protection of Citizens Detained/arrested in foreign Countries
(Consular Duties and related Representation)

Legal Team - Cross Border Litigation & Arbitration