Partners In Advocacy

At Cambridge LLP one of our primary goals is to help our colleagues in the legal profession and their clients with a broad range of business and commercial litigation challenges. Over 80% of our case referrals come from other lawyers. This is a figure we’re very proud of because it speaks to the trust and confidence we have earned within the profession. We are pleased to work with you and your clients on retainer or as co-counsel. We have assisted hundreds of lawyers and their clients from across Canada and around the world with a broad range of business and commercial litigation and arbitration challenges. We take pride in working with counsel to achieve the best possible results for their clients.

Our Service Guarantee

We guarantee the best possible service to your clients. Telephone calls will be returned within one business day at the latest. We also understand that referring counsel often has a longer and more in-depth relationship with the client than we do and we are committed to respecting that relationship. Where the client agrees, we will continue to communicate with status updates to the referring lawyer or paralegal. We will never poach or take a client from a referral source. If the client asks for a referral to an outside lawyer Cambridge LLP will direct them back to the referral source. We are also happy to provide access to our many contacts in the legal profession where desired by the client and the referral source.

Referral Fees

On commercial litigation and business litigation files, we happily pay referral fees to refer counsel and paralegals in accordance with the Law Society of Ontario’s guidelines on referral fees.