At Cambridge LLP our primary goal is to help our colleagues in the legal profession and their clients with a broad range of business and commercial litigation challenges. 90% of our case referrals come from other lawyers. This is a figure we're very proud of because it speaks to the trust and confidence we have earned within the profession. We are pleased to work with you and your clients on retainer or as co-counsel. We offer referral fees in accordance with the law society of Upper Canada’s guidelines. 

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  We are the World’s                    Canadian Litigators

Our Cross-border litigation team is uniquely positioned to assist both foreign and domestic clients in any litigation or arbitration where there are multi-jurisdictional issues. Our expertise is unparalleled among Canadian litigation boutique firms. In addition to handling many complex cross-border cases, our lawyers have spoken and written extensively in Canada, the U.S. and around the world on a wide range of topics relevant to international litigation. We are truly the best choice in Canadian  Cross-border legal representation.


  Chinese Services Group

Our China team has extensive experience in providing quality legal services to the Chinese community. Our Chinese Services Group provides the following services in the Chinese language: commercial litigation, debt collection, cross-border litigation & arbitration, full spectrum of immigration law, wills and powers of attorney, estate dispute and litigation, defamation, and notary public services.