Constitutional Advocacy

Cambridge LLP has a concentration of constitutional law expertise demonstrated at all levels of court, inclusive of the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as in teaching and published scholarship. Co-chaired by Doug Elliott and Scott Fairley, who alone combine more than six decades of practice experience in the field, Cambridge can field a constitutional litigation team that compares competitively with any other law firm in Canada, regardless of size.

Mr. Elliott has argued with repeated success some of this country’s most important Charter of Rights cases, particularly in relation to minority rights issues. Mr. Elliott has secured a large measure of this success  as a proudly open national leader of and advocate for the LGBT community across Canada and abroad.

Dr. Fairley’s constitutional advocacy experience includes Charter cases, but has also tended to focus on separation and division of powers litigation, in particular, jurisdictional issues both on behalf of and against government entities. As a former full-time legal academic earlier in his career, Dr. Fairley continues to speak and publish widely on public law issues.

Most recently, Messrs Elliott and Fairley have been working closely together on a number of public law-based class actions. They are both supported by a team of exceptionally well qualified and gifted associates in the constitutional law practice group.  Educated in Canada and abroad, and some with practical experience abroad as well, these associates possess  rich comparative knowledge and experience,  giving the firm’s constitutional practice an additional edge in understanding, mastering and effectively arguing complex constitutional issues. References to reported cases can be found in the biographies of our lawyers elsewhere on this website.

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