Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Canada

No firm in Canada is better suited for the enforcement of foreign judgments than Cambridge LLP. Our combination of experience and expertise in this area are unparalleled. Our lawyers have presented over 100 legal education programs across North America and abroad on topics related to multi-jurisdictional litigation and cross-border enforcement of judgments in Canada.

We live in an era of unprecedented global trade. The movement of goods and services across international borders continues to grow exponentially. A natural consequence of this economic activity is more foreign litigation and arbitration involving Canadian entities. Foreign judgments and arbitral awards must be recognized and enforced in Canada before Canadian assets can be seized or sold.

It is vital to choose a law firm with extensive experience in the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards in Canada. Our knowledge and experience enable us to enforce foreign judgments and arbitral awards efficiently, effectively and on a timely basis.

Our Legal Services

  • Defence of Enforcement Proceedings against Canadian entities
  • Enforcement and Defence of Worldwide Mareva Injunctions
  • Enforcement of Foreign Support and Custody Orders
  • Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards
  • Enforcement of Letters Rogatory
  • Enforcement of Monetary Judgments
  • Enforcement of Non-Monetary Judgments
  • Jurisdictional consultations at all stages of litigation and arbitrations

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Canada Team