We are your partners
in advocacy.

At Cambridge LLP our primary goal is to help our colleagues in the legal profession and their clients with a broad range of business and commercial litigation challenges. Over 80% of our case referrals come from other lawyers. This is a figure we’re very proud of because it speaks to the trust and confidence we have earned within the profession. We are pleased to work with you and your clients on retainer or as co-counsel. We offer referral fees in accordance with the Law Society of Ontario’s guidelines.

Partners In Advocacy

We can proudly say that we have effectively become the Canadian litigation department for a great many law firms in Canada and the U.S. We respectfully refer to these referring lawyers as our “Partners in Advocacy”.

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Your Estates Litigation, Planning, and Fiduciary Advocates

We are committed to safeguarding your legacy and protecting your interests to secure a prosperous future for generations to come.

Our Chinese Services Group has extensive experience in providing quality legal services to the Chinese community in the Chinese language: Commercial litigation, debt collection, cross-border litigation & arbitration, full spectrum of immigration law, wills and powers of attorney, estate dispute and litigation, defamation, and notary public services.