One of Canada’s most respected class action teams.

Douglas Elliott, our class action team leader, has been consistently recognized by his peers as one of the Best Class Action Lawyers in Canada. He has played a key role in some of Canada’s largest class actions, including the billion-dollar cases of Parsons v Canada (hepatitis C infected blood) and Hislop v Canada (Same-sex survivors’ pensions).

Cambridge strongly supports the judicially recognized class action objectives of access to justice and behavior modification. We believe that class actions can help lift up the powerless, and advance social justice.

Cambridge works on class actions with cross-border components, as well as significant local claims. We are unique in being able offering our class action services in Northern Ontario from an office in the North.

Current Class Actions

Pegasus on Church Inc v HDI Global Specialty SE, Grenville Mutual Insurance Company and AM Fredericks Underwriting Management Ltd. (“Business Interruption Insurance Class Action”)

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to close their doors. However, those businesses have been unable to collect on their business interruption insurance. Cambridge LLP has brought a class action on behalf of businesses insured by the defendants claiming damages for the failure to pay-out on these policies. This class action is one of many across the county so, if you are not a class member for this action, you may be covered by another.

HVAC Consumer Protection Class Action

Jung and Jung v Ontario Home Services Inc. et al (“HVAC Consumer Protection Class Action”)

Cambridge LLP, in association with Petrone & Partners LLP, has brought this consumer protection class action on behalf of anyone who purchased or leased an air conditioner, HEPA filter, water filter or water heater from Ontario Home Services Inc., a door-to-door HVAC sales company. The claim alleges that Ontario Home Services and its employees used deceptive, false and misleading sales tactics to sell their products.

Ontario Northland Class Action


Cambridge LLP is co-counsel with Petrone & Partners LLP on this class action involving the May 30, 2018 derailment of the Polar Bear Express, a passenger train operated by Ontario Northland Transportation Commission.

On November 20, 2020 class counsel attended a virtual hearing in Thunder Bay, Ontario before the Honourable Justice Danial Newton. Following a brief hearing, Justice Newton ordered that the action be certified as a class action. The class includes all passengers aboard the Polar Bear Express when it derailed on May 30, 2018 approximately 37 kilometers south of Moosonee, Ontario. This is an important first step in a class proceeding and class counsel are looking forward to working with counsel for Ontario Northland to try to reach a settlement sometime in 2021.

If you believe you are a member of the class, or have questions about this class action, please contact Lori Kruse at You can find the notice regarding how to opt out of this action here and Justice Newton’s Order here.

Cambridge LLP has commenced a class action against the British Columbia Ministry of Health, the Federal Government and CADTH (Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies and Health) for infringing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms section 7 right to life and security of the person for patients with Cystic Fibrosis. Specifically, relevant government Ministries/agencies have inappropriately denied access to the life-sustaining medication orkambi for patients with Cystic Fibrosis.


Cambridge LLP has brought this consumer protection class action against the makers, distributors, and retailers of the popular heartburn medication, Zantac (Ranitidine). In September 2019, Health Canada requested Zantac (Ranitidine) to be recalled as the product was linked to increased risk of cancer. This class action was brought on behalf of those who took Zantac (Ranitidine) and related NDMA contaminated products, and their families.

VARSOL Class Action

Elliott v Rechochem Inc. et al (“VARSOL Class Action”)

Since around 2000, Recochem Inc. has been mislabeling its low-grade paint thinning products as VARSOL, a high-quality trade name product. Cambridge LLP has brought this consumer protection class action against Recochem on behalf of all persons who purchased Paint Thinner, Mineral Spirits, or VARSOL bottled by Recochem as a result of these deceptive practices.

A class action lawsuit has been commenced against Capital One Bank, Github, Amazon Web Services and others as a result of a massive data breach that compromised the personal data of about 6 million Canadians and corporations. The compromised data includes the personal information of credit card applicants, credit card data and approximately 1 million Canadian Social Insurance Numbers.

The LGBT Purge is one of the longest and most harmful campaigns of discrimination conducted by the federal government against the LGBT community. Many of the injured persons have suffered in silence for many years. That silence has ended. This class action seeks justice for all who were harmed by this shameful episode in our country’s history.

Past Class Actions

A class action lawsuit has been issued against the Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS) and the Waterloo Regional Police Association (WRPA) for systemic and institutional gender-based discrimination and harassment, sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Cambridge LLP has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of class representatives Christopher Hudspeth and George Smitherman. The lawsuit is against William Whatcott and others who dishonestly portrayed themselves as the “Gay Zombies” in order to distribute offensive literature at the Toronto Pride Parade on July 3, 2016.

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