Cross Border Litigation Bulletins

Foreign Default Judgments Will be Enforceable in Ontario Despite “Excessive” Damage Awards

Beware of what purports to be an “exclusive jurisdiction” clause. Forbes Energy Group Inc. v. Parsian Energy Rad Gas et al, 2019 ONCA 372

Enforcing Foreign Judgments and Arbitral Awards in Canada Against Affiliated Entities

BEWARE: Limitation periods may begin when a “predecessor in right, title or interest” discovers the claim. (Ridel v. Goldberg, 2019 ONCA 636)

Vermont Judgment Enforced in Ontario – Natural Justice Defence Fails (Airi v. Nagra, 2019 ONSC 3411)

Ontario may be a safe haven jurisdiction for lawsuits under doctrine of necessity

Ontario Court Enforces U.S. Permanent Injunction Against Pirate TV Provider

Texas Injunction Enforced in Ontario – Update for U.S. Counsel. Zashko v. Touchgate and Ahmed, 2018 ONSC 3734

Principled Limitations on Access to Justice: Awaiting the Next Installment to the Canadian Chapter on the Chevron Saga

Principled Limitations on Access to Justice: The Final Installment of the Canadian Chapter of the Chevron Saga

Letters Rogatory Must Seek Relevant Information. Riverview-Trenton Railroad Company v. Michigan Department of Transportation, 2018 ONSC 2124.

Cambridge in Cambridge: Historic Class Action Settlement Lauded at Harvard Law School

Ontario Court of Appeal Rejects Ontario Jurisdiction over Foreign Defendants Where No “Actual” Presence in the Province

Obtaining Mareva Injunctions in Canada: 5 Essential Points

“Discoverability” Principle may Extend 2 year Limitation Period to Enforce Italian Judgment in Ontario: Sicilian Maceri Services v. OGO Fibers Inc., 2018 ONSC 1342 (CanLII)

London Calling…Be Mindful of the International Arbitration Clauses in Insurance Contracts!

Court Finds Foreign Judgment Enforceable in Canada… But Not The Usurious Interest Rate!

Ontario Anti-SLAPP Law

Advertising, Marketing and Distributing Products in Ontario Does Not Satisfy The “Doing Business in Ontario” Requirement When Determining Whether Ontario Court Has Jurisdiction

Five Considerations In Choosing To Arbitrate Rather Than Litigate Your International Commercial Dispute

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