Cambridge Lawyers are relentless advocates for their clients, period.

Cambridge LLP is a pre-eminent law firm with a focus on litigation, cross-border litigation, business litigation, estates, trusts & wealth planning, immigration, defamation, and debt collection law. We are positioned to serve the world in Canada, with offices in Toronto, Burlington, and Elliot Lake. We understand the myriad of diverse legal challenges facing entrepreneurs, businesses and governments in today’s increasingly complicated legal environment. Our commitment and mission is to find ingenious solutions and relentlessly pursue our clients’ interests.

At Cambridge LLP, we have the resources to tackle the most complex engagements while remaining agile and flexible enough to assist our clients with virtually any legal challenge. While many law firms are concerned with maximizing hourly rates and billable hours, we are dedicated to finding creative and efficient solutions to our clients’ legal issues. We employ a “team approach” to legal engagements, ensuring that all legal services are provided at the appropriate level of experience and expertise. Above all we respect and protect our clients’ interests assiduously. Confidentiality and client privacy are always priorities at Cambridge LLP.

Positioned to Serve the World in Canada

We have developed a special focus and expertise in serving the legal interests and requirements of individuals, businesses and governments on an international level. Many of our clients are referred to us by lawyers at some of the world’s most prestigious and accomplished law firms. Our Cross-Border Litigation Group has achieved a reputation for excellence in service and is recognized by legal counsel and their clients throughout the world as a key resource when legal issues cross borders. With offices in Toronto, Burlington, Ottawa and Elliot Lake, we are well positioned to assist clients from across Canada and around the world.

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