Heirs & Omissions Bulletins

What you gonna do when the IRS comes for you

Trusts for Persons Receiving Disability Assistance – Henson Trusts & Exempt Inheritance Trusts

I Should Have Known Better

A tale from the grave – Banton Trusts – How to protect your estate from the claws of a financial predator

Dealing with the family farm – You poured your heart & soul into building it, you may have to do the same to pass it down

To Be or Not to Be (an Estate Trustee), That Is the Question

Executor Beauty Contest

Make a Will –for Your Kid– Month

Where there’s a Will… there must be a fairer way

Have you lost your marbles?

Anthony Bourdain: Estate Unknown

“Mademoiselle Choupette: A Tale of Pet Planning”

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss – The Dual Will Plan is still Good Planning

An Update: A New Landscape for Dual Wills

A New Landscape for Dual Wills

When a Trustee Fails to Outlive the Trust

“Bonding Unbundled” – what is an administration bond and when is it necessary?

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