Kieran Verboven headshot

Kieran Verboven

Immigration Consultant and Estates Law Clerk

Kieran Verboven is a valuable asset to both our Immigration Practice Group and our Estates Group at Cambridge LLP, bringing with him a wealth of expertise and a dedication to serving clients with integrity and excellence. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University and is a distinguished Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

With extensive experience advocating for clients before the Immigration and Refugee Board, Kieran has demonstrated his prowess in handling various immigration matters including refugee claims, detention reviews, and spousal sponsorship appeals. His commitment to achieving fair and just outcomes for individuals navigating the complexities of immigration law is unwavering.

In addition to his immigration work, Kieran is deeply involved in our firm’s probate representation within the Estates Group. His versatile skill set allows him to provide comprehensive legal assistance to clients across different practice areas.

Furthermore, Kieran’s dedication to education and mentorship is evident through his role as an Immigration Consultant Instructor at Herzing College. He shares his vast knowledge and insights on Canadian economic immigrant programs and refugee resettlement programs, shaping the next generation of immigration practitioners with his expertise and guidance.

Kieran’s multifaceted contributions to both our firm and the legal community underscore his commitment to excellence and his passion for making a positive impact in the field of law.