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Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Jan 23 - Jan 24, 2020

A/R Seminar

Aga Khan Alliance for Finance & Legal Professionals

Toronto, ON

Nov 10, 2019

Tennessee Bar Association

Nashville, TN

February 22, 2019

Canada-U.S. Litigation - Essential Considerations for U.S Lawyers

University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Pittsburgh, PA

January 16, 2019

Charleston County Bar Association 

Charleston, SC

April 27, 2018

Do Ask, Do Tell, Do Justice: Pursuing Justice for LGBT Military Veterans Summit at Harvard Law School

Cambridge, MA

April  20, 2018

2018 Annual Conference of the International Section of Law 

American Bar Association

New York, NY

April 18-20, 2018

OffshoreAlert Conference 


Miami, FL

April 15-17, 2018

Seminar, San Diego Bar Association 

San Diego, CA

April 11, 2018

The ASIL Annual Meeting

American Society of International Law

Washington, DC

April 4-7, 2018

Litigating in Canada for/against U.S. Parties: What U.S. Counsel Must Know

Dallas, TX

March 20, 2018

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